8.65" x 32.20" Malt Sliquor MD Everslick Creature Skateboard Deck

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Official Creature Skateboard Deck

Thirsty for a good slide? Well then, pick up one of these new Malt S'liquor Everslicks and head down to that crusty virgin double-sided curb at the local liquor store and quench it. These Everslicks are made to unlock new spots that others turn a blind eye to. Pour out a swig for the homies that ain't with us and tear it up for 'em on these classic Creature Everslicks tonight.

Everslicks are the fastest sliding slick boards out and 5 times stronger than a standard 7 ply deck. The unique graphic application process yields bright colors and high contrast graphics that look great longer.

Concave Medium
Construction 7-ply
Family Everslick
Length 32.20 in
Noselength 6.87 in
Taillength 6.63 in
Wheelbase 14.50 in
Width 8.65 in

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