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Barb Wire - Pamela Anderson Rated M [Region B] [Blu-ray]

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Barb Wire is an American 1996 Sci-fi Action movie starring Pamela Anderson presented on Blu-ray.

Pamela Anderson is Barb Wire, the sexiest, toughest woman in Steel Harbor, a city marked by chaos and crime, providing a home for a new kind of mercenary.

If you've got a problem, Barb Wire is the solution. She'll use any dangerous weapon-including her body-to take what she wants, crossing the line for no man, until the day Axel Hood hits town. He's on a mission, and Barb is the only one who can get him out of town alive. Will Barb help the man who once betrayed her? There's only one thing you can be sure of…she can get anything you want, for a price. Are you ready to pay…?